Hello there! I’m Hannah, a photographer based in Birmingham, living in Sutton Coldfield with my partner Liam and my daughter Lily. I’ve been running this business since 2014.
My interest in photography began as a child, I used to borrow my parents old film cameras and carry one with me everywhere I went, especially on holidays.

My friends and family will tell you that I’m always on the lookout for beautiful images, interesting compositions and perfect lighting.

Capturing people is my favourite thing to do, whether it’s on their wedding day or at home with their family or even for a headshot/portrait session for work. I pride myself on the ability to make people feel relaxed and comfortable  (because who doesn’t hate having their photo taken?) and produce some lovely natural images that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall, or share on your instagram feed! 

I became a mama to my beautiful daughter Lily in July 2022
I always sneeze more than once in a row
I never fully finish a cup of tea (but it’s my favourite drink) 
I can sign using British Sign Language
I play the saxophone (mine is pink!)
I tell ‘terrible’ jokes (that trait is inherited from my dad!)
I could eat pasta all day, every day.
My music taste is varied, I happily bust a move to ABBA on the dance floor, whilst also enjoy listening Stormzy (especially his Glastonbury set).