One of my favourite things about my job is the variety it provides. I love small intimate shoots with parents and their new babies at home, capturing those precious cuddles, tiny feet and button noses in a natural and relaxed environment.

A big family gathering, at your home, or a day out, shooting the interaction between everyone, the individual characteristics that make up your family unit and the relationships you share, is such a special thing for me to witness.

If you’d be inclined to whip out your phone to capture something, something you don’t want to miss, something that might happen for the first time or that might not happen again, you might consider hiring me so that you can put that phone down and enjoy the moment with your own eyes while I capture all that goes on for you. 

If individual portraits are what you’re after, whether that be business portraits, or just as a little treat to yourself, I can offer you that service. Being in front of the camera can be intimidating and a little scary sometimes, but we will just chat through it and I promise you’ll forget about the camera just enjoy the hour or so we spend together, and I’ll try not to crack too many ‘dad jokes’!